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      Beijing Oriental Dragon Culture Development Center was founded in 1997. It is specially engaged in producing, publishing and marketing of books and audiovisual products (VCD, DVD, CD, CD-ROM, tapes, etc.), and has energetically developed a series of training programs.

      Adhering to the principles of ¡®taking honest and sincerity as the basis, holding realistic and pragmatic spirit, keeping unity and innovation¡¯, the company creates three theories of business culture: the business image theory, the famous brand and quality products theory, and the colleague cooperation theory.

The business image theory

      To build up company with cohesive force, to operate company by innovation, to project company with great foresight, and to prosper company with vigor and vitality.

      As a united and vigorous team with rigorous and enterprising spirits, we not only has young people with soaring aspirations, we also have experienced experts and advisers, as well as energetic backbones who are forming links of the whole company.

      We focus on the research and development of local products as well as on foreign communication and cooperation. Aiming to broaden Chinese consumers¡¯ outlook, we build up close cooperating relationship with foreign companies, such as Wendy Pye Publishing Ltd., DeAGOSTNI, Gryphon House Ltd., etc.

      After the entry of WTO, Chinese economy has gradually integrated into world economic system. Our company has completely connected with the international track and is utilizing world-advanced theories to operate the business. We are expecting wider international cooperation to bring you into extensive Chinese market and spread Chinese culture to every corner of the world at the same time.

The famous brand and quality products theory

      To develop quality products with social responsibility, to produce quality products with humanities and conscience, to present quality products with global concepts, and to operate quality products with marketing consciousness.

      At present, the company has presented hundreds of books and audiovisual products with distinguishing characteristics and high quality. Its great success in English education and preschool education has been highly reputed by consumers and experts, and achieved social effect and economic returns at the same time.

      The company owns its own website ¨C Oriental Dragon Net (www.dflr.com.cn), which is used to build up brand and present products. By which the company can keep good relationship with other mediums and win support from them. For instance, China Central Television (Magic Box used to be broadcasted in the program ¡®Foreign Language Teaching and Learning¡¯ in CCTV-10, which is a science and education channel of the central television.). Besides, the company also keeps close relationships with periodicals, like Parents¡¯ Bible, Preschool Education, Infant Pictorial, Child Pictorial, Children, Parental Care, and Mummy and Baby, etc.

The colleague cooperation theory

      To seek cooperation with realistic and pragmatic spirit, to develop cooperation with real knowledge and penetrating judgment, to develop cooperation in win-win situation, and to continue cooperation for perpetual profits.

      Oriental Dragon flies upward from China to the whole world!